Jacob Joseph Jewerly

חנות תכשיטי יוקרה בבורסה ברמת גן

Jacob Joseph was founded in 2019 as part of the vision of Jacob (Jacky) and Joseph (Yossi) to combine a decade of knowledge in jewelry making and the best design in order to provide our clients the jewelry of their dreams.

Jacky, a gemmologist with 10 years of experience in jewelry making, and Yossi a designer who specializes in breathing life into ideas and designs with sketches and illustrations joined hands to give you the best craftmanship and design to bring your ideas to life.

We at Jacob Joseph believe that using the best materials available is of the highest importance, and is essential for providing each and every one of our clients the perfect jewelry.All our products are meticulously hand-made, and crafted with the upmost dedication and attention to details in order to best realize the vision of our clients.

We are happy and excited to continue making chic, luxurious and stylish jewelry for all our clients.

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